Updated Investment Plan of the Rēzekne District Development Programme


Planning documents

The municipality of Rezekne informs the municipality that the decision of the Rēzekne municipality Council No 29, § 4 “on the approval of Annex 1 of the strategic part of the Rēzekne Municipality Development Programme 2012-2018” was adopted on 18 December. This Decision confirms the ideas of the improvement projects of the business infrastructure referred to in the Annex, which the municipality intends to implement during the years 2016-2018, attracting funding from European Union funds in Latgale programmes “projects in Latgale and Alūksne municipality” and the “investment in key infrastructure of entrepreneurship outside national and regional centres of interest”. The conditions for the realization of selected project ideas also provide a commitment to entrepreneurs – to determine the number of new jobs and the amount of investments to be invested in the development of the enterprise in accordance with the resources invested in local government infrastructure.

Annex to the Investment Plan

Minutes of the meeting

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