Greening activity project Volunteering Cities + in Vilani



At the end of May, Viļānu volunteers included greening activities under the Volunteering Cities + project.

In the fall of autumn, summer flowers were planted at THE PII “bitite”, Viļānu music and art school and recreational centre “Kamenīte”, the centre of the natural friends' centre “Thistle” and the Parish parish, while Sokolkos taped herbs of herbs.

After being made, there was a chance to socialize at the tea cup.

If you want to become a volunteer, contact us on the phone. 29424816 and join!

The objective of the project is to activate local residents, promote engagement in decision-making and participation in various societal processes.


project manager Inga Zelina-Ušmouse, tel.: 25536251, e-mail:

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