Employers are invited to provide an educated young person with the first work experience


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In order to promote the integration of young people into the labour market, the State Agency for Employment (SEA) shall initiate a new event within the framework of the youth guarantee - “first work experience for young people”. In implementing the measure, the SEA registered young people aged 18-29 who have vocational or higher education and who currently do not attend a full-time studio will be able to work on their employer for a year to obtain a work experience.

For the first half of the year, the SNA will pay a grant of EUR 160 (eur 240 for young people with disabilities), while in the second half of the year, THE CIS grant will be 100 euros per month (eur 200 for young people with disabilities). On the other hand, the employer will have to provide a co-payment for the salaries of young people, which should not be less than the minimum wage laid down in the country.
What is the benefit of a employer?
1. THE SEA is partly funded by a salary for young people for one year;
2. A working manager who receives monthly 50% of the national minimum wage with the recruited young people;
3. THE NVA shall bear the costs of carrying out health checks (where appropriate);
4. One-off grant for personal protective equipment at the start of work, not more than 50 euros;
5. In order to adapt jobs to young people with disabilities, THE SEA will cover up to €711.
How do i apply for an event?
Step 1.
Fill in the form of the application and add the requested information. If any uncertainties arise, contact the NVA Rēzekne branch (the application form may also be received by THE SEA branch and filled in with the assistance of the coordinating expert).
Step 2
The completed application to be submitted or sent by post to a branch in whose administrative territory it is planned to form a place of employment.
Step 3
THE SEA branch shall accept the employer's application and, at least once every two months, organise the selection of active employment measures to the Commission, which shall examine the applications and take a decision to approve or refuse the implementation of the measure.
Step 4
THE SEA branch shall notify the employer of the decision taken and, in the event of a positive reply, shall be invited within one month of the date of the Commission's decision to enter into a contract for the creation of the workplace.
THE SEA invites employers - entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, as well as associations or foundations - to participate in the youth programme “first work experience for young people”, to offer and create jobs for young people. However, employers will not be able to employ young people in unskilled and low-skilled jobs.

More information can be obtained SEA Rēzekne Branch at Liberation Alliance 155, 318. In the office or by telephone 64607811.

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