Design and laser workshops top Christmas exhibition works



“Digital theme Christmas” – it is called an exhibition that on Christmas Eve, December 18, at 13.00 will be opened in the lobby of the Rēzekne Technology Academy. The exhibition works are in design and laser-technology creative workshops, which took place IN November and December AT THE Faculty of RTA Engineers and the Faculty of Education, Design and Language as well as the laser technology centre. RTA lecturer Silvija Mežinska was employed in workshops with design programmes for students, while the interior design programme student works were managed BY THE RTA docent Diana Apele. In turn, the design works developed by students were carried out by Anton Paceum, Imants Adijans and Alexander Okuņevs.
The exhibition decorative objects – Christmas trees and coats will be offered by THE RTA design programme students Jana Kozule, Baiba Medinika, Christine Rogozova, Katerina Borisova, Valentina Juganov, Victoria Karzinina, Lāsma Kucina, Ksenija Deņisova, Sanijana Stepaņenko, Mārīte Žizņevska, Amanda Tutina, Valija Giluče, Gunita Murniece-Krišāne, Natalia Brokāne.
The design and laser workshops are in the framework OF the project EUCIDA - “European Connections in Digital Arts” (“digital art covers Europe”). EUCIDA is a three-year project financed by the European Union's “Creative Europe” programme and implemented by the modern art centre in Ireland (Rua red) and France (Espace Multimédia Gantner), in collaboration with the municipality of Rezekne. The aim of the project is to establish cooperation between digital artists and cultural acquaintants in Europe, thereby developing innovation and promoting the popularity of digital art at international level. The project will be concluded in January 2020 with a conference in Dublin (Ireland).
Anna Rancāne
Photo: Eduard Medvedev
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