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Sokolku civil parish club

THE main mission of THE Sokolku parish cultural house is to develop, promote, organize and support the work of artistic and creative amateurs, including in the activities of the People's Art, State and municipality cultural life, and to provide local residents with quality cultural events and accessibility to all stakeholders.

• 1984 - Building the building of a cultural house

2001 - Establishment of Sokolku parish culture

Public holidays, traditional parish festivals, various informative educational and entertainment events for various generations, as well as seminars and exhibitions are usually held in the parish cultural house.

Manager: Aleksandra Bistrova
Address:  Gaisma, strupļi, Sokolku civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4640
E-mail: aleksandra.bistrova@rezeknesnovads.lv

Sokolku civil parish library

Sokolku pagasta bibliotēkaAddress: “Stalks”, Snape, Sokolku civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4640
Manager: Anfiza Orlova
Phone: 25962048
Email: Anfiza.orlova@rezeknesnovads.lv

Time of reception of visitors:

Working days: 8.00-17.00
Saturday, Sunday: closed
First Friday of each month: polishing day (library closed for visitors)

Amateur theatre “analiz”

Address: Sokolku parish club, light, Outline, Sokolku parish, LV-4640


Year of dibināšanas: 2001.
Manager: Alexander Bistrova

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