Viewing objects and historical persons

Memorial plates and graveyard

  • Commemorative stone in the Broki village of the Viļāni parish in 1945 – 1947.
  • There are thirteen cemeteries in the territory of Viļāni parish: Kristceļu, Broku, Trūpu, Masaļsku, Solaskungu, Notras, Brikuļu, Privšu, Rimšuu, Kūkoju, Lagonu, Šautiņu and Rampānu.

Viewing objects:

  • Piziču (Kaupra) castle - 12-13 th century settlements;
  • Trūpu Devil stone;
  • The chapel of the Radopole manor;
  • Chapel of missing graves (built in 1935);
  • Crucifix at Novik's home in Ornicans;
  • Radopole crucifix.
  • Three Old Believers' congregations and prayer houses are located in the parish area: the gods of the Old Believers of Notras, the Church of Rimšu Old Believers, the church of the Kristceļu Old Believers' parish.

Significant residents of Viļānu parish

There are many significant people from Viļānu parish who have achieved their creative growth and success not only in Latvia but also outside Latvia:

  • Eduards Šmugajs (1907-1986) - literate (publisher), educational employee, radio journalist, public employee
  • Francis Murans, (1915-2001) - poet, teacher at Wisconsin University (USA)
  • Konstantin Potch (1912-1994) - one of the greatest inventors of Latvian origin
  • Janis Ladusans (1926 –1991) - artist (cutter), publisher, bookmaker, wood-maker
  • Jevgeney (Yevmenia) Kozlov (1898 –1937) – Latvian freedom-fighting participant (corporal 1) Liepaja Footer Collection). He was awarded the Lāčplēsis War Order of 11 November 1920 against Vecrikava.
  • Eduards Kozlovskis (1878 –1943) – Latvian wake-up employee, publisher and founder of the first Latvian printing press in Peterbourgh and Rezekne.
  • Dzērksteņa, in the real name Genovefa Upeniece (born – Stafecka), (1909 –2002) – an educational worker (teacher), literature. Poetry is published regularly in Latgalian press publications.
  • Edmunds Jušķevičs (born 1920) - priest, Doctor of Canonic Sciences.
  • Nikodems Seržants (born 1923) - Catholic clerk, priest in Australia.
  • Vladislavs Zeps (1920 –2014) - Legionist, writer.
  • Bertulis Pizich (born 1947) - Director of Dailes Theatre (1996-2003), actor, Deputy Chief of the Riga City Council.
  • Theresia Broka (1925-2018) - Cordirigente, musical pedagogy, song festival superconductor, Latvian earned stage worker, three-star Order officer.
  • Maruta Raude (1965-2018) - artist, ceramic.
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