Possibility to receive funding for the fight against Latvians



The fight against invasive species in Latvia and other European countries has been particularly intensified in recent years due to globalisation and climate change. They endanger local species, create changes in ecosystem functions and endanger human health.

One of the most serious threats is Sosnovska Latvian, which is found in 90 % municipalities. Combating it is a very time-consuming, heavy and even dangerous measure.

The municipality of Rezekne has launched a programme to support this plant this year. Five persons (from Dekšāres, Bērzgales and Ozolaines parish) have applied for this year. The amount of the financing for the land owners shall be determined at the meeting of the Council of the State Environmental Protection Fund of Rezekne – 80% of the cost of activity per year, but not more than 200 EUR per 1 ha of land area, which is infested with the herbal species in the first year, not more than 180 EUR in the second year, not more than 140 EURO in the third year, not more than 120 EUR in the fourth year and not more than 100 EUROS in the fifth year.

 It is reminded that, in order to apply for funding, it is necessary first to register infested area in the National Plant Protection Service if it is not yet done. It is only then necessary to submit a submission to the municipality of Rezekne by 15 March, accompanied by a map indicating the infested area. If the owner or lawful possessor of the land does not perform the fight against Latvians in accordance with the procedures laid down in the law, then, in accordance with Paragraph 17 of Cabinet Regulation No. 559, they shall be organised and co-ordinated by the relevant local government. The person shall bear the expenses related to the measures restricting the spread of the hogweed.

Section 25 of the Plant Protection Law prescribes administrative liability regarding the cultivation of invasive species, the acceptance of prevalence, non-implementation of containment measures, as well as the failure to provide information to the State Plant Protection Service regarding infested areas of invasive plant species – a fine for a natural person from 50 to 1500 euro, for a legal person from 300 to 3000 euros.

Sosnovska Latvians can only be broken together by joining the entire community (particularly infested land owners). We are invited to be active and take the necessary measures to eradicate this species.

 In case of confusion, please contact the senior environmental protection officer by telephone 27343634 or 64607195.

Ruth Sidorova, Senior Environmental Protection Officer of the municipality of Rezekne

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