Outbound health room Maltas in the management of the association

Projekta “Dzīvo veselīgi Rēzeknes novadā!” ietvaros Rēzeknes novada iedzīvotājiem tiek sniegta iespēja apmeklēt biedrības “Latvijas Sarkanais krusts” Latgales komitejas organizētās izbraukuma veselības istabas, kuras aprīlī norisināsies Maltas apvienības pārvaldē – Silmalas, Maltas, Pušas, Feimaņu, Ozolaines un Lūznavas pagastā.

An educational lecture on reducing the risk of cardiovascular morbidity will be provided to visitors to the outdoor health room, with the aim of strengthening theoretical knowledge of the signs, causes and prevention of stroke and infarction, informing the main causes and signs of stroke and infarction which may affect them (high blood pressure, smoking, high blood glucose or diabetes, high cholesterol levels) and their co-relationships. Awareness of the risk of cardiovascular morbidity and lifestyle correction opportunities will also be increased.

Self-control measurements, i.e. qualitative and accurately measured blood pressure, weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, will be performed for each health-room visitor following the educational lecture.

A project “live healthy in Rēzekne District” by the municipality of Rezekne will take place in the “Extraordinary Health Room” event. No The project is financed by the European Social Fund.

Līga Pelse,
The leader of the Rēzekne municipality project “live healthy in Rezekne District!”

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