Young people, changing lives, participating in the project “NAMELY and DOING!”


For young people

If you are a young age from 15 to 29 years of age, do not work at this time, do not work in a paid job, do not receive a job at a masters and have not been registered in the State Agency of Employment (SEA) as an unemployed person, apply for support in the project “NAMELY and DO!”.
The municipality of Rezekne has successfully cooperated with the youth international programme agency and has involved more than 80 young people in the project. The municipality of Rezekne speaks TO NEET young people and recommends that they participate in the project “NAMELY and DO!”.
Every young person will be supported by programme managers and mentors, representatives of education and youth affairs, representatives of youth associations, employees of various educational institutions, career consultants and representatives of other fields and sectors and specialists. This means that every young man will be able not only to work with interesting and diverse people, but also to take advantage of experience and a valuable knowledge of the future of life. We invite anyone to send this news to young people who can participate in the project, thereby helping them take their first step and change their lives.
More information on the project “NAMELY and DO!” can be found here -
The project will be implemented by autumn 2018, so it is not too late to be involved! To log in to a project or to obtain additional information, to email or phone 20214720 (Gunita Veismane).

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