How do i help students who have difficulty learning?



There are students in each school who have difficulty learning. Can i change something? Yes, it is possible. The experience of many schools reveals this, so in the 2010-2020 year, Rezekne's primary school is also involved in the European Social Fund project “Support for reducing early school leaving”, which is also known as “budpurs”. The aim of the project is to reduce the number of children and young people who stop learning and leave school, and to promote the development of cooperation between local governments, schools, teachers and parents in order to identify children and young people in a timely manner with the risk of discontinuing training and providing support to them.
The project will offer an individual approach to pupils who need support, providing them with individual advice in learning subjects, consultative support aimed at raising self-awareness, creating motivation to address any kind of problem.
In this school year, 15 pupils from Classes 5 to 9 and 7 teachers will be involved in the project. The school will organise events aimed at raising the motivation of student learning and raising the level of success: additional work with pupils in individual activities, consultative support and the assistance of school support staff.
If a young person stops training without obtaining a certificate of primary education or continuing training after the end of class 9, then this limits his or her growth and the opportunity to succeed in future life and professional field. Consequently, the risk of social exclusion is increasing.
The task of our teachers is to identify, in a timely manner, children who have difficulties in learning or land learning (which may also be due to language barriers), then special attention should be paid to the analysis of the situation, the cooperation with the family and the individual work with the child itself. Both his physical and emotional well-being are important for the student to learn. We must take care of that together.
Regina Ratnik,
co-ordinator of the project “budpurs' 'at Rēznas elementary school
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