Kaunatas groupings of the association



Čornaja civil parish

Home “seal”

When we live in the “rogue”, we are proud of the fact that it was a plot of land where cows were, but it is now cleaned and managed. In the summer, it is not only for us, but also for passers with blooming flowers around the house, but in winter with Christmas lights in the house. In our small plot of land there is enough space for the interests of the son, in order to summon friends to hit the football gate, and the newly created pond is pleased with the possibilities of fishing and swimming, and the children's county has been created for the entertainment of the daughter. We are proud of the fact that the land is incorporated and grateful here so that we can grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and various vegetables. We are proud of the fact that our own forces, by putting their hands and clasping their backs, do what we want in life, putting our soul into a particle. We love our little piece of land, because there is everything that makes us happy.

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Home “ares”

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Home “Ivlejas”

Griskanu civil parish

In “valleys”, we are proud of the intact nature and the heritage of the ancestors, with the values we have brought here and let us not go beyond our children. We are proud of the work done and the efforts made during the year to create a landscape of beauty from the wild beauty, but at the same time, the natural beauty of the fields. We describe “Ivleys” with seasons. The landscape is delighted in all seasons: in winter it is beautiful in the White snow cover and the hundreds of years old trees look like princesses; in the spring it is pleased with the sounds of pedestrians, the chalks of forest birds, and the sounds of other creatures that have come from deep winter sleep; the summer is a joy of forest, grassland and garden. Associate with summer scent and taste. In the autumn it is a fabulous furnace when autumn comes to painting trees. The oak planted at the house of the house with flames who have almost reached the age of the trees turns into a fabulous painting.


House “honey house empire”

The recreational complex “honey house empire” is located 4 km from Rezekne, IN the direction OF Kaunatas. It is a place that once belonged to the Roman Manor Manor. Our recreational complex has a beautiful and clean area of 4 ha, so every guest can feel like a real gentleman or a ma' am. There are two beautiful houses in the area of the recreational complex – the big “honey house” and the small “clay house”. In the guest house, we offer two celebrations for events, suitable for both convenient events and seminars, wireless internet, projector, sauna, novuss, table tennis. Eight rooms are offered for accommodation: one Double with good facilities and shower, seven - three-storey with one-room and two-storey beds. The guest house is equipped with a kitchen for common use and offers catering services. We can deploy additional locations. The second house “clay house” is dedicated to the fact that it was built in the 1930 s and has been renowned with the maximum preservation of the history of that house. The house is divided into two parts, one in a kitchen, a WC with shower and four beds, while the second part is a small banquet hall.

Kaunatas civil parish


With great love, we create the environment and live in our home “Andrei” because we want to create a pleasant and passionate place for people. With the advice of all the generations of the family, we have set up a resting place for children, enriched the beauty garden and the plantations with plantations, picking up the pond for fish farming, and so that they can be dragged into the hot summer days. We want to decorate the area with self-prepared installations, flowers that make up our older generation with great patience. Let's make every effort to make every day happy.

Makonkalns civil parish

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Home “Flower” (Irina and Dzintars Chudari)

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Home “strazdi”

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Home “League”

Stolerovas civil parish

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House “sources”

Photo: Alexander Lebeds

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