Children of Latgale region receive community-based social services with functional disorders



The Latgale Planning Region (LPR) is implemented by the European Social Fund project “Implementation of deinstitutionalisation measures in Latgale region (DI)” by the end of 2023 in order to increase the availability of social services for the family environment and the availability of community-based social services to persons with mental disabilities and children with functional disabilities living in families.
It is still prevailing in Latvian society that care should be taken in institutions that people with disabilities do not have the right to choose where to live, to share their private space and how to spend their time, they are artificially isolated and separated from society. In turn, children, growing up in long-term care institutions, do not know what family and day-to-day events mean, and their real life is unprepared.
This difficult word - deinstitutionalisation in itself conceals good plans and works, the main focus of which is to take care to live at home or in a family environment as many children as possible and people with disabilities.
2018 has been a challenge and work for the team of Latgale deinstitutionalisation project and co-operation partners, but the previous works have already been completed in 163 children with functional disorders (FT) and 46 legal representatives have provided inmeasurable joy and benefits to their health.
The evaluation of the 402 Latgale children with FRANCE TÉLÉCOM and the preparation of individual aid plans involved in the project was concluded in 2018. Part of the local government has already actively launched the provision of social services (SBSP) to the local population involved in the project, both for children with functional disorders and their legal representatives.
The most active social service providers of these target groups have been the municipalities of Rezekne and Daugavpils, as well as Ludza, Viļānu, Rezekne and Daugavpils Municipalities (see table below).
The services received and the service providers selected are very different because they are in accordance with the individual needs of each child (each may receive up to 40 different service times). According to the collected data, from 163 children with functional disorders in Latgale have received public-based social services such as physiotherapy, Massage and rating, but the range of services has also received canister, audio logoped services, sand therapy etc.
There are also “breathless” and “care” services for children with functional disorders which have been issued by the State Commission's opinion on the need for special care due to severe functional disorders. In order to receive both these services, the evaluation of the child and the drawing up of an individual aid plan are not necessary.
The project also offers support for children with functional disorders - up to twenty service times. This support has been used in 2018 by the legal representatives of 46 municipalities with FRANCE TÉLÉCOM, by attending both physiotherapist individual activities, massage and psychologist consultations etc.

Number of children with FRANCE TÉLÉCOM and their legal representatives (unique persons)
which (05.03.2019) received SBSP

Local governmentChildren with FTLegal representatives of children with FRANCE TÉLÉCOMTotal unique persons
Ludzas county201838
Viļānu municipality14620
Daugavpils county19019
Vilakas county10818
Rēzeknes novads14014
Karsavas county459
Kraslavas county426
Balvu county404
Ilukstes county404
Rugaju county404
Riebinu county101
Aglonas county000
Baltinavas county000
Dagdas county000
Preilu county000
Varkavas county000
Zilupes county000

The true deinstitutionalisation begins in every heart and thinking!
More information: Ināra Krūtkrmele, Head of Latgale deinstitutionalisation project, e-mail:
Information was prepared by: Oscars Zugickis, BR DI Project pr Specialists, e-mail:

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