Employees may apply for compensation for obtaining professional qualifications



Employees of 25 years of age who wish to obtain a certification in the course of work or professional knowledge and skills acquired in personal life shall have the opportunity to receive a cost compensation of 90 – 100% for the passing of the vocational qualification examination and the acquisition of qualification. This possibility is provided by the European Union (EU) Fund and the State budget funding in the development project of the professional competence of persons employed by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA).

An opportunity to pass an examination and obtain a state-recognised document is useful for employees who want to increase their competitiveness in the labour market or improve their career opportunities in an existing workplace, as well as those who have acquired education in one sector, but are actually working in another. If the accumulated experience and knowledge correspond to the required level, the employees may obtain qualification by passing the vocational qualification examination. Those employed and self-employed persons aged 25 years of age who have successfully passed the examination may apply for reimbursement of the expenses of the examination.

More information in: https://www.macibaspieaugusajiem.lv/jaunumi/nodarbinatie-var-pieteikties-kompensacijai-par-profesionalas-kvalifikacijas-iegusanu

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