On changes in the tariffs of municipal waste disposal service at the landfill site “Križeviks”


Nature conservation

In 2022, a new amount of natural resources tax (“DRN”) on municipal waste disposal at landfill sites enters into force, THE DNR rate for the disposal of unsorted municipal waste will increase from 65 EUR/tonne to 80 EUR/tonne. On 12 October 2021, SIA “ALAAS” submitted a draft tariff for the municipal waste disposal service to the Commission (hereinafter REFERRED TO as THE SPRK), as the increase in the costs included in the municipal waste disposal service of the landfill site Križevņiki exceeds 5% in 2021.

The tariff for the disposal of municipal waste at the landfill site “Križeviks” according to the planned changes is as follows:

Type of public service DRN rate under the Natural Resources Tax Act, EUR/t Time period Current tariff with DRN
(excluding VAT)
Proposed tariff with DRN
(excluding VAT)
Tariff increase/decrease  (%)
Disposal of municipal waste65202165,2076,3517,1
Disposal of municipal waste 80202272,6683,4014,8
Disposal of municipal waste 95Year 202380,1390,4512,9

Proposals and recommendations regarding the draft tariff may be submitted in writing or electronically by post “Križevniki 2”, Križevņiki, Ozolaine parish Rēzekne municipality LV-4633, e-mail: sia.alaas@inbox.lv as well as public service regulation in Riga, Unia Street 45, fax No 67097277, e-mail address: sprk@sprk.gov.lv.

Pending the approval of a new tariff FOR SPRK, due to the increase OF DRN from 1 January 2022 in the disposal of municipal waste tariff will be 72,66 EUR/tonne (excluding VAT)however, after THE SPRK Decision, the new municipal waste disposal tariff will be 83.40 EUR/tonne (excluding VAT) (scheduled entry into force of 2 nd quarter of 2022).  

FOR SIA “ALAAS” customers, the cost of municipal waste management of 13,00 EUR/m ³ (excluding VAT) will remain until THE SPRK approves a new tariff for the disposal service of the landfill site “Križevņiki”. After approval of the landfill tariff, the municipal waste management fee, which may reach 17,00 EUR/m ³ (excluding VAT), will be recalculated.

For comparison - household waste container with a volume of 0,24 m3 one-time export fee is currently 3.12 EUR (excluding VAT), but after the planned tariff approval, one waste container with a volume of 0.24 m3 the export charge will be eur 4,08 (excluding VAT). The planned increase in fees for customers will be EUR 0,96 (excluding VAT) by 0,24 m3 the removal of the container.

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