Table tennis

The success of the Lebanese Glass in the year 2012/2017.2011 in the table tennis games. Coach Bruno Losan

7 July, Cēsis VII Latvian Youth Olympics pon the second day of the externalities, Liana Zelina was made a member of the Latvian Youth Olympics. Liana, with a score of 4: 2 (9, -3, -5.9, 6.9) in the final, performed the conditional game favourites Diana Afanasyeva (Preilu municipality). Until entering the final, Liana's quarter-final with a score of 3: 0 (4.4, 3) was played by Aurik Pučkovsk (Riga), but in semi-final with a score of 4: 1 (4.10.8, -10.3) Valeria Mikhailov (Preilu municipality). It is the highest achievement in this season.

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