MT-5 football team achievements in 2019/2020.m. Coach Sergei Kondrats

ON 14 September, the Rēzekne municipality team took their participation in the Championship (group B) finals in Rēzekne, where the training group of the football coach Sergei Kondrata gained considerable success. Between seven startup teams, ranking in 1 st place.

Basic tournament table
Finalizing game


THE achievements of THE MT-6 youth football team in the year 2018-2018. Coach Sergei Kondrats

On 9 and 10 February, Malta took place at the 2019 Latgale Youth Space Championship u-11 ( g) for the age group. 11 teams started in the championship. In the sub-group “A”, the startējošā-youth sports school team ranked in 2 nd place, which allowed it to play in the final for the prize 3 rd place with THE TFK Rēzekne team. With a result of 1: 0, the team of Rezekne took victory and won 3 rd place in the overall assessment.

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SMP-2 youth football team achievements in 2018/2010. Coach Alexander Borodulin

On 5 and 6 January, Maltā took place at the 2019 Latgale Football Championship organised by LFF Latgale Football Centre FOR THE U-16 age group ( In the competition of six teams, the students of the coach Alexander Borodulina won all the games and won a convincing victory. Dāvis Lozda was recognised as the best team player in the Rēzekne municipality. The team was played by Daniils Kuzncov, Dāvis Lozda, Eduard Selaakov, Vadim Mironov, Daniels Strods, Rustam Kadirov, Kiril Bogdanov, Ralph Krasnobai, Dainis Laizāns, Einars Leitans.

Results of competitions

SMP-2 youth football team achievements in 2017/2018. Coach Alexander Borodulin

The 2018 Latgale Youth Space Championship U-15 ( was held on 7 January AT Maltas in a multifunctional hall. In the competition of seven teams, the Rēzekne county team became the 1 st place winner championship. Vadim Mironov was recognised as the best team player in the Rēzekne municipality.

Result Table

The success of SMP-1 girls' football team in 2016/2012. Coach Igor Derjagin

On July 7, a VII Latvian Youth Olympics took place in Cēsis. The Latvian Rēzekne and Daugavpils province team won a four-team competition at the first place, win Liepaja, Sigulda District and Riga teams. Rēzekne novandu was represented by Laura Antane, Lāsma Bauska, Evita Ivanova, Dane-Loretta Krasnobay, Elise Poisha, Karina Semjonova, Alīna Zabaluyeva.

The success of THE MT-7 boys football team in 2015/2012. Coach Alexander Borodulin

A 2016 Latvian Youth Football Championship was held from April 2 to November 1. In the development group, in which Mr Borodulina's trained g.z was played, Latgale won 2 nd in Latgale region and thus qualified for the final. The Final Tournament took place between 23 and 25 September in Valmiera, where the best six u-13 teams from the development team were fighting for prizes. The first place was won by the Madona BJSS team, the second place - FK Spartacs/Jurmala, and the honored high 3 th place was won by Rezekne NBJSS/FK Malta. The BJSS team player of the Rēzekne municipality was recognised as the best semiconductor tournament. Edward Schtekel.

Final Tournament Results

On 17 March, the Latvian Football Championship Final Tournament WAS held in Valmiera ( g.sp.), where six strongest regional teams from Grobiņa, Valmiera, Salaspils, Riga, Balvi and Rezekne municipality took place. One win, three unseparated and one loss in the Rēzekne District, THE BJSS team ranked at 4 th in the Latvian Football Championship. Championship results

Prior to the Latvian Football Championship, the Latvian Football Championship had to exhibit a prize in Latgale youth space football championship, which took place on 6-7 March in Malta. The 11 th team competition and the right to play in the Latvian final was won by the BJSS team of Alexander Borodulina Rezekne. Vadim Mironov was recognised as the best player of THE Rēzekne municipality.

The success of THE MT-5 boys football team in 2015/2012. Coach Ervin Krainis

On June 30, a football tournament “TFK REZEKNE 5 YEARS” was held in Rēzekne, Sports Administration stadium area, which was dedicated to the 5-year anniversary of the club. Between 8 teams – THE 3 rd place OF REZEKNE NBJSS/BERZGALE. Best player Janis Piveks. Tournament results

THE success of MT-6 girls' football team in 2015/2016.m. Coach Igor Derjagin

On September 6, AT THE NSB “Arkadia” stadium in Riga, the closing, fourth, milestone of the Latvian Football Championship of the Latvian Football Championship was held in Riga. In THE U-14 or 2001/2002 football age group, seven teams compete in the championship: AFA Olaine/IecavaFS METTA/OSC, RĒZEKNE municipalityRiga Football SchoolSEE Imanta/Talsi NSSVilnius SS/Ludza SS and Rezekne BJSS. Rēzekne is the second place of THE BJSS girls' team – 25 points in the overall assessment. The most effective Rēzekne municipality is located IN THE BJSS team Evita Ivanova with 7 gates. (Elīza Poisha 6 is a gateway).

Tournament results

On June 19, a traditional football tournament at Daugavgrîva Cup was held in Riga at Daugavgrîva High School Football Place in Riga. Football players born in 2001 and younger yearsmen participated in the competition. Six teams from the tournament were divided into two subgroups. In Group A, there was a tournament. Riga Football School, Rezekne BJSS and FK Iecava. On the other hand, in Group B, the victory struggled RĒZEKNE municipality, SEE Imanta and guests from Estonia JK Parnu team. In the post-game series between the Rēzekne municipality, THE BJSS and JK Parnu teams, the most successful appeared in the Rēzekne municipality'S BJSS footballers (3: 2), which also won the first place. Tournament results

The success of THE MT-5 girls' football team in 2014-2018. Coach Igor Derjagin

On 2-3 January, a New Year's Football tournament was held at the Rēzekne Border Guard College for women organised by the Rēzekne sports club “progress” in collaboration with the Rēzekne City and Rezekne's children-youth sports school. Women's football teams from Latvia and Lithuania were invited to participate in the tournament. In 2001, in the group of girls and parents born in 2001, 5 teams won the competition and 1 st place in the New Year's Football tournament was provided by “Progress/Rezekne District BJSS” team.

Tournament results.

The success of MT-5 girls' football team in 2013/2014. Coach Igor Derjagin

In the summer championship of 2014, girls in 8 teams compete in the Rēzekne province of THE BJSS U-14 Group (2000-2001) and the girls' team won 3 rd place. Championship (8 × 8) organizer Latvian football federation. Championship results

On June 19, 2014, the BJSS football team was nominated for Daugavgrîva Cup, organised by Latvian Football Federation (LFF), Riga Football Federation and Daugavgrîva High School. In the competition of six teams, the football of Daugavgrîva Cup in football in 2000-2001 was removed. As a result, Rēzekne is led by THE BJSS team at the Cup Tournament 2 nd. The BJSS team's best-playing diploma was issued to Eva Medynica. Results of the Daugavgrîva Cup

The success of THE MT-1 boys football team in 2013/2014. Coach Alexander Schtekee

IN Daugavpils Cup, the BJSS boy team took part in THE U-8 age group. 7 teams ranked in 3 rd place. Daugavpils Cup Results

In Latgale youth football champagated U-9 age group, Rezekne is led by THE BJSS team in 2 nd place. The best player's diploma was received by August Water. Results OF THE LJF championship

The northeast region summer youth championship in THE U-8 age group Rezekne is led by THE BJSS team at 3 rd place. The award was awarded by Inguna Buldure and Andrejs Sokolovs. ZA Championship results

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