“Rēzekne District Social Care Centre” (SAC)

“Rēzekne District Social Care Centre” (SAC)


The municipality of Rezekne, “Rēzekne District Social Care Centre” (SAC) is an institution established by the municipality of Rezekne and an institution subordinate thereto, which: the aim is:

       Provide a social care and social rehabilitation service appropriate to the needs of clients, improving the quality of life of the client, maximising self-care capacity, ensuring a meaningful leisure, implementation of the package of events and various activities within and outside the institution.

       SAC value: A customer and a collective that is characterised by knowledge and professionalism and the ability to have a positive impact on the client's care process, in keeping with the basic principles of professional ethics and behaviour.

Priority tasks OF THE SAC:

  • Provision of day-to-day care, catering, medical assistance, time-consuming;
  • The attraction of qualified staff;
  • Continuous professional development of employees;

Promotion of the Centre and awareness of the public regarding the possibilities of receiving social services;

  • The provision and continuous improvement of the technical base, the adaptation of space and territory to the needs of customers.

       THE SAC has three units:

  • “Fountains”, actual address: hospital street 2, Sherjans, Strujanu civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4643;
  • “Full”, actual address: Pilcene, Dricana civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4615;
  • “Malta”, actual address: Clara Kondrova street 2, Malta, Maltas civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4630

Organisational structure of the Rēzekne municipality

THE SAC provides the following services:

  1. Long-term social care and social rehabilitation service;
  2. Breathless service.

THE PLANNED number of clients of a long-term social care and social rehabilitation service in the institution – 95 places.

Reception: In the case of long-term social care and social rehabilitation service and rebreathing service, the residents of Rezekne District are admitted (if THE SAC does not have a free place, customers are taken in order of the queue).

            Documents required:

  • Submission of the client or his trustee;
  • The opinion of the family doctor on the state of health of the person and the compliance with the care of long-term social care and social rehabilitation institutions;
  • A derivative or printout of documents certifying disability from the relevant database where the customer has a disability;
  • Document derivatives or printouts from the relevant database that certifies that the customer has been granted a pension, a supplement to the pension, an insurance remuneration, a compensation of damage or a national social security benefit;
  • A psychiatrist's opinion regarding the psychiatric health of a person and special (psychiatric) contraindications for the receipt of social services if the social service is sought by a person with mental disorders;
  • The assessment card of the person's needs for social services;
  • The assignment of a social service and a decision on the granting of a long-term social care/recovery service.


  1. Rezekne municipality in units of the social care centre: “Malta”, “Shergants”, “Pilcene”: 1415,58 euro one place of bed per month;
  2. Rēzekne municipality in the unit “Malta” of the social care centre: 44.74 euro one bed on a day.
Contact information

Rezekne District Social Care Centre

Reg. No: 40900035777

Legal address: hospital street 2, Shergani, Sherjan parish, Rezekne nov., LV-4643

Current account: LV27UNLA0055002289395

Donation account: LV06UNLA0055002292683

e-mail: sac@rezeknesnovads.lv

SAC working time: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:30.

Lunch break: from at 12.00 to 12.30

SAC Manager: Nathalie Bernanne, phone: 20230005, e-mail: natalija.bernane@rezeknesnovads.lv

Head of THE SAC unit “Sherjans”: Long Lizdika, phone: 26337692, e-mail: ilga.lizdika@rezeknesnovads.lv

Head-social worker OF THE SAC unit “Malta”: Anna Beitane, phone: 26291260, e-anna.beitane@rezeknesnovads.lv

Social worker OF THE SAC unit “Sherjani”: Ilona Wugula, phone: 20393255, e-mail: ilona.vugula@rezeknesnovads.lv

Head-social worker OF THE SAC unit “Pilcene”: Dace Border, phone: 28660546, e-mail:  dace.ezmale@rezeknesnovads.lv

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