Notice of temporary cessation of auctions in the Plexelles village

In accordance with the decision of the Rēzekne District Council of 15 April 2021 "On the commencement of the development of the local plan of THE municipality of Rēzekne (Ozolaines parish), which amends the spatial plan (Protocol No 8, § 31), the local government has launched THE development of a local spatial plan OF Ozolaines parish village, which aims to detail the spatial plan, creating preconditions for the sustainable use of the municipality of Rezekne AND the creation of an attractive living environment in the village environment.

The development of the planning document seeks solutions to a number of current problems, such as transport infrastructure solutions (street network, access opportunities for operational transport, clarification of roads and street red lines, etc.), proposals for the placement of engineering supply networks and structures (energy supply, water supply, sewerage system etc.), which also comply with environmental standards, the provision of publicly accessible sports, recreational and natural areas, and other solutions.

In the course of development of the local spatial plan of the District village area, the need for local government to ensure the functions of the local government is identified, thus, the disposal of parcels under the auspices of the local government shall be suspended for a period of time.



Land Affairs Officer Marina Borisova

Photo: Deonisy Jefremov
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