Communication on the transfer of the Rēzekne municipality'S Viļānu association spatial plan 3.0 to public consultation and the opinion of the institutions

By decision No 604 of the municipality of Rēzekne of 2 June 2022 (prot. No. 16, § 7) for public consultation and for the receipt of institutions' opinions is transferred to the Rēzekne municipality'S Viļānu association spatial plan 3.0 version.

The spatial plan shall be binding on legal and natural persons who possess properties and who operate in the territory of the Vilnius Alliance.

The deadline for public consultation is set from 14.06.2022 to 05.07.2022.

During that period, the following may be acquainted with the materials of the Rēzekne municipality of Viļānu spatial plan 3.0:

- In the municipality of Rezekne, the vacation alley 95a, 17 th and 30 th in working days between 8.00 and 11.45 and 12.15 to 16.30 (previously signed by tel. 64607205)

- In the administration of the Vilnius Alliance, Vilnius, cultural area 1A, 2.7. in working days from 8.00 to 12.00 and 12.30 to 16.30 (previously signed by tel. 64628033)

- in the national single geospatial information portal: 

The public consultation meeting will be held on 1 July 2022 at 12.00 Viļānos, cultural area 2, cultural house hall. 

We call on the people of Rezekne to actively participate in the public consultation of the Rēzekne municipality'S Viļānu association plan 3.0 and participate in a public consultation meeting during which spatial planners will provide advice and answer questions of interest to you.

The proposals received during public consultation will be assessed and, where necessary, incorporated into the spatial plan.


Tatjana Carklence, spatial Planner - Cartography, Phone: +371 64607205,


Inga cross, spatial Planner, Phone: +371 64607205,



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