Offer of the “Latvian School Finish” – Theatre performance “Spreideits”


Latvian School Case

The Culture Education Programme “Latvian School Finish” has since autumn 2018 provides students with a state-paid opportunity to regularly explore the cultural values and contemporary expressions of Latvia, thereby developing cultural awareness and expression competencies, reducing social inequality and strengthening pride for their country and its people.

As part of the “Latvian School Finish” programme, THE 1 st-9 th grade school students at Daugavpils Theatre held a theatre exhibition “Spreideits” at Daugavpils Theatre on 29 March, which is the first feature of Anne Brigadere's fairy tale in Latgalically on the stage of professional theatre.

As he flew from his work and his mother's brushes, he did not bother, but his full-fledged boy Spruill goes to find his happiness land in the vast world. On his way, he meets the mother of the forest and the mother of the wind, struggling with a giant luxury, a tough, and no good. But after all the tests he realizes that neither the pledged fortune nor the beautiful Princess Zelite can give him the happiness he sought, his home and his family. It's not as good as home. But the Spruill must pass a rich path to come to the knowledge that each is his own happiness blacksmith and his happy land is next to the people he really cares.

The intense story, visual effects, magnificent decorations, stage suits, great actor game, dance, and musical accompaniment fascinated small and large audiences so that there was no moment of interest in the adventures of a little lucky man.

By presenting the art of theatre, students at the site could see the Daugavpils Theatre building, its functionality and its peculiarity, a bright sense of feeling, a much positive emotion, a valuable time of spending time, a learning culture.

Thank Daugavpils Theatre for the excellent exhibition and the “Latvian School Finish” for the opportunity to visit this show.     

Author of the article - scene Driksnis, co-ordinator of the programme “Latvian School Finish” AT Feimaņu primary school
Photographs - raisa Pirusco and Inita Otikova

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