A Senior Care at home will be launched in Rezekne municipality



LATLIT_logo_LAT_full_CMYK From May 2018 until November 2019, the municipality of Rezekne participates in the project for providing social care services at home to older people. The number of elderly people is growing rapidly in Latvia and also in Rezekne municipality, thus more people need social care services. The society often accepts, as self-evident, the old time system that the care of the elderly should be provided to family members. If the relatives are not or have been occupied, the end of life must be accompanied by a nurse. Often a person would be happy to spend aging in the normal environment, not in the old people's home, so it is the responsibility of the local government to provide services that would allow the seniors to maintain a dignified life while remaining in their home. This is possible if it is provided, for example, in the care of home works, in the care of the disease and in the tissues. As of May 2018, the municipality of Rezekne, together with the association Euroregion “Lakes Land”, Rēzekne City Council, Daugavpils and Ilūkstes District Municipalities, as well as Utenas and Molt District Municipalities from Lithuania, have participated in the project “Senior Social Inclusion” (No. LLI - 341) or Aging in Comfort (translk. - old-day comfort). A specialised vehicle will be purchased for the municipality of Rezekne, where there will be room for two wheelchairs and stretchers. Transport will be used by social carers called mobile brigades who will go to the person home and provide the necessary services on the spot. The project will also involve the theoretical training of mobile team specialists and the exchange of experience of social workers to the Borlanges region in Sweden to familiarise themselves with their access to home services for elderly people. It is planned to prepare 40 mobile briggage specialists for the provision of home care services in four districts (Daugavpils, Rezekne, Utenas and Moleta) and one municipality in local government (Ilūkste), thus offering home care for 1,300 seniors living in the territory of the project. A manual for mobile team staff will also be developed.
For reference: The project is implemented within the framework of Interreg V-A Latvia - Lithuania programme 2014-2020.
Total project costs: 449 029,21 EUR
Co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund (85%): 381 674,80 EURO
Municipality of Rezekne municipality: EUR 65 409.07
Financing of the European Regional Development Fund (85%): EUR 55 597.70
National co-financing (5%): EUR 3270,46
Municipal co-financing (10%): 6540,91 EUR
Program website www.latlit.eu
Official EU website www.europa.eu
The content of this publication is fully the responsibility of the municipality of Rēzekne and is in no circumstances considered to be the official position of the European Union. 
Information was prepared by: Inta Rimšāne, co-ordinator of the project in the municipality of Rezekne, in cooperation with the association Euroregion “Lakes Land”

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