As part of an international project, an artist from France is looking for wealth IN Lūznavas manor



In September, THE project EUCIDA (“European Connections of Digital Arts”, Latvian – “digital art covers Europe”) WAS an artist from France Jacques Lopez, who also used a laser plant located in the estate for the creation of his artistic works.
On 28 September, the artist called for a one-hour exhibition AT Lūznavas in the manor, in which the artist showed his digital performance, which was inspired by Latvia, Lūznava and its ponds, in which (according to Jacques) the wealth of the mind is kept. As he talks about his performance at Luznava, Jacques Lopez says he uses the latest technologies in his art, mixing them with traditional art: I use old things - ancient photographs, books, openings, and add them to laser engraved. The hero of my story is a girl whose portrait i found in the abandoned house, and i thought that all these things could belong to this girl, and she had hidden the riches IN THE pond OF Lūznavas, and i tried to discover them. I used a variety of old things, and printed a variety of objects with laser. These objects also reflect the wealth that can be found in this area.
The type of art i am working on is the finding of wealth in pond, i think that IN Lūznavas pond they are certainly. 'Of course, the fortune can also be found in the archives, but in pond and old parks they are.'
EUCIDA is a 3-year project financed by the European Union “Creative Europe” and implemented by the modern art centre in Ireland (Rua red) and France (Espace Multimédia Gantner) in cooperation with the municipality of Rezekne. The aim of the project is to establish cooperation between digital artists and cultural acquaintants in Europe, thereby developing innovation and promoting the popularity of digital art at international level.
“With this project we want to break the stereotype of Latgale as a ceramic land, about Latgale as such a hundred-year-old cultural land. The digital - it is a very grateful way to look at the world completely differently. Everything is allowed; what the older generation, the middle generation, seems to be crazy, the new generation might be very attractive, and perhaps with time the old generation will understand what these young and crazy people are doing, the project coordinator Inta Rimšāne.
The project participates in modern art centres in Ireland and France, with two more artists in THE Lūznavas estate in 2019. At present, from Latvia's part in Ireland, the digital art is learned by Gundega Strautmane, who works in the Central School of Art and Design of Rezekne. Similarly, in collaboration with the Rēzekne Technology Academy, students will have modern and digital art pools during the project. The project promoters hope that, when introducing French digital art, the Rēzekne and Latvian artists will be inspired by works in the field of digital art.
Diana Selecka
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