Entrepreneurs invited to participate in the competition “Latvia's best trader 2022”


Latvian Merchant Association

Latvian Merchant Association (LTA), in cooperation with the Latvian Local Government (LAS), organises annual competition-views for entrepreneurs “Latvia's best trader 2022”. The aim of the competition is to promote the improvement of the standards and culture of customers and visitors in the enterprise, while increasing the quality of service offered by traders, catering and service operators, motivating the individual contribution of the servicing staff.

Benefit for participants:

  1. expert judgement;
  2. increase in visibility at local and national level;
  3. the logo “Latvia's best trader” for use in advertising;
  4. winners, winners, participants' honorary articles and best dealer stickers;
  5. free advertising for radio EHR (minimum 30 s x 3 times)
  6. advertisements in the social networks of the traders industry., Facebook, LTA, website lta.lv.

A formal presentation of prizes and honorary articles was planned in June 2023.

In order to participate, operators must complete a participant's questionnaire and annexes and make a membership fee. The questionnaire can be submitted to the Latvian Merchant Association (LTA) (Knights Street 12-9, Riga, LV – 1001) or by electronic means: tamara@lta.lv.

In addition to electronic format, the company logo, publicity photo and other relevant information, which is intended to be located in the magazine “Latvian trader”, in the homepages of the association and co-operation partners, social network accounts and mass media, shall be submitted in addition to electronic format.

Get acquainted with the by-laws of Latvia's best dealer 2022 and submit a participation questionnaire until 15. For February. More information on participation in the competition can be received by phone 67297372 or by e-mail info@lta.lv, tamara@lta.lv, or on the website www.lta.lv.

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