Active rest

Sailing boat “Sea Esta”

Sailing 'Latgale Sea' - Razna lakes in the 12-metre red sail boat. Trips in all weather! One

Dukstigal Bay, Chornaya, Chornaja civil parish, Rezekne municipality

Barrier route in the trees “Razna pine”

An exciting, active, intoxicating and emotion filled the barrier of Razna pine. High route up to

Ezerkrasti, Dukstigal, Chornajas civil parish, Rezekne municipality


Located within 3 km from Lake Razna, 10 m from the pond, the Kozubka River. Fishing in fish ponds (guests who

Georgians, Luznava civil parish, Rezekne municipality

“Red colt hills” — horse riding and carriage rides

The farm "Red colt hills" offers horse riding and trips around the area in a horse-drawn carriage. For children

Šļakoti, Kaunata civil parish, Rezekne municipality


Spraying on the Razna Lake with a 5-seat boat. Three ordinary boats. Quadricycles. Winterland angling, excretion

Ezerkrasts 1, Foļvarkova, Čornaja civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4617

“Razna clapped”, coping guide

Opportunity for anyone to get closer to the Razna Lake by rowing a boat or a boat with an electric motor, but Galv

“Brekši”, Rogs, Kaunata civil parish, Rezekne municipality

Vimana boat trips

The ship will be able to watch THE lake and surroundings OF Lake Feimaņu, enjoying Latgale charm in full and listening to the kap.

Feimanu Lake beach, Feimaņi, Feimau civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4623

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