Viļānu secondary school pupils and teacher reviews for activities of the project “Latvian School Finish” 2021/2022. m.g. 2 nd Semester


Latvian School Case

Classes 1-4 attended Latgale Embassy GORE to go to the excursion along the concert hall, as well as to watch the animation film Jacob, Mimmi and speaking dogs in GORE's cinema.

  • On 27 April, students in Classes 1a, 2a and 2b visited Latgale embassy GORE Rezekne. The children liked the animation movie and the story, the children were delighted about the boy's good heart, the fact that the truth was going to win. After watching a movie in a class hour with pupils, we talked about how we could get around without doing harm to nature. With great interest, the students listened to Gore's narrative of GORE and asked a lot of questions. Class 1b was very pleased with GORE's visit. Only two children had been here. Everything seemed very large, wide. I liked the mms, especially liked everyone to ride the big elevator. Thank you for the opportunity!
  • On May 2, THE Viļānu secondary school 3. abc and 4 th abc class collectively project “Latvian School Finish” went to embassy GORE to jointly watch the multimedia film Jacob, Mimmi and speaking dogs. The movies liked it very much, watched with enthusiasm and interest. In the class with pupils, we discussed the problems shown in the mms and their solutions. After watching a multimedia film, the pupils took a tour of GORE in the guides. They learned a lot of young and interesting. Part of the pupils' embassies were visited for the first time. Thank you very much for this opportunity! 

On 6 May, Class 10a visited Daugavpils Spelling Factory and Mark Rootko Art Center.

The first place we visited in Daugavpils was an ancient factory where scraps were produced. A historic place with his attractiveness, an interesting guide who showed the whole process of spinning. As a bonus, it was a chance to do with the same scraps! We liked the way they talked about this place, and the fact that they could try shooting. 

Mark Rootko's art center, in an interesting, fast pace, told us about Mark Rothko, his life and his works. There was a chance to look at the various works of this artist and to draw his brilliant artistic work in the creative workshop, which he could then take with him. It was very interesting.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in an interesting and educational excursion! (Class 10a and teacher Elsa Korchagina.)

On May 9, ab was attended by Latgale Embassy GORE and participated in two museum pedagogical activities of Latgale cultural history.

Class 5a:

In the lesson in the museum, the pupils met the beauty of the writer John Kate, paying special attention to the novel “Human Child” and the film of the film director John Streich of the same name in 1991. The pupils played a snippet from the film using costumes.

  • In the museum we traveled through Latvia's largest ceramic exhibition, which was done at various times by Latgale podiers.
  • In one of the rooms, the pupils were friendly, taking places on the pillows, found a real clay pickup, each of which made up their Souvenirs, taking their homes.
  • During an excursion along Latgale Embassy, GORE had the opportunity to look at the small and big grass, the orchestra attempt and the choreography grass, as well as looking at the stage, the artists' premises, climbing onto the roof terrace. 

Class 5b:

Students with interest participated in two museum activities - both the movie “human child” and the practice of creating a figure from clay. Pupils liked the fact that they had an opportunity to play and play a role, an event, as well as themselves. It was also an educational event. The excursion of GORE was interesting. There was a variety of rooms, rooms, dressing rooms, etc. A creative erudition game was also offered. The pupils liked them, they had positive feelings while resting and educating. Thank you for this opportunity! 

On 9 May, Class 8a visited Latgale Embassy GORE to participate in the excursion and watch the documentary film “wanders” in GORE's cinema.

The main idea of the film was not really seen until the end, but the similarity of some of his acquaintances, the individual episodes of his relative's life story, had been seen. There was an interest in arranging the concert hall, walking and acquainted with rooms where it is not possible to easily enter the event when they arrive. 

On 9 May, Class 9a visited Latgale Embassy GORE, where they watched the documentary film “nomers” in GORE's cinema hall, and in Latgale's cultural history museum, a handwriting lesson.

One of the activities was the viewing of the documentary “wanders”. The choice was because the pupils had little interest in documentary cinema. This was an opportunity to expand their vision, meet the documentary cinema.

In Latgale Museum of Culture, pupils participated in the lesson “handwriting with feathers and ink”. There was an interesting lesson because he could not only listen to the beginning of writing, but also to work in practice, write ink and pen. The lessons learnt will be used in the history of history, complementing knowledge. 

On 18 May of the 6 th ab, the Embassy OF Latgale was visited BY GORE and the museum of Latgale cultural history.

The excursion on GORE was very interesting. On the visit of the creative workshop, we looked at the exhibition “time flow” of the Aquila Pauras anniversary, the pupils filled in the worksheets, answering questions about the first impressions of the exhibition, drawing one of the quiet objects of nature, typing the signature of the author. We looked at Dmitry Zahara's photo exhibition “nature and animals”, Lana Kazobek photo exhibition “as asu Drycani”. The pupils surveyed the exhibition about Latgale ceramic, its historic development, the clay pickup made up his clay dish.

Highly interesting workshops, art sites, evaluation and practical work. Thank you!

On 18 May, class 6c and 8b visited Latgale Embassy GORE, where an excursion was organised under the guidance of students. The pupils watched the movie Bille in the cinema.

What are our feelings and thoughts after this trip?

  • Inara Colmane's film Bille was taken after her visit to Belshevica's autobiographical novels and reports about the seven-year-old Sybil, her harsh everyday and happy moments, the observations and dreams. The movie itself was very liked because it was based on real events. The works of LATVIAN writer Belshevica are included in the school curriculum. Knowing little more about the writer and her life, students will be better able to understand her works and learn Latvian literature.
  • The excursion on GORE was interesting and exciting. A new, modern building, a beautiful surroundings. Many of us have been there, visiting a variety of events, but each time we can find uncertain interesting facts about this place. GORE's pride - concert hall, one of the best in Latvia. 

We enjoyed this trip very much. Thank you very much for the project “Latvian School Finish” about the possibility of expanding vision and knowledge. 

On May 7, the abc class was visited by Latgale Embassy GORE, where an excursion was organised under the guidance of students. The pupils watched the movie Bille in the cinema.

It was interesting to see the film, more events, as well as seeing how the scene was in the early 20 th century, because it was difficult to see it. Both literature and class hours talk about how human personality is formed, which affects what people we become. The film is a visual example of how the environment and the people around the world have influenced the perceptions of the little Billes world, the goals of life. Although the film takes place almost 100 years ago, people's relationship, the dreams of young children are the same as today. Bille dreamed of being out of poverty, from a low-value complex.

It was interesting to see the cultural institution in Rezekne – Latgale Embassy GORE. During the excursion we were in spaces where every visitor was not at all aware of the functionality of individual rooms, the possibilities of use. 

On 19 May, Class 9b visited Latgale Embassy GORE, where the pupils watched the film Bille in the cinema. The pupils then went to the museum pedagogical lesson “for the first time in the exhibition.”

  • Inara Colmane's film Bille reports a little girl, Sibella, about her harsh everyday and happy times. The film was a very deep reflection. 
  • In the museum, we could watch old masters' works in the art house. We could also be in the role of artists. We liked it very much. Thank you very much for the project of the Latvian School! 

On 27 May, all Viļānu high school students IN THE Viļānu cultural house were offered the opportunity to meet with the group “plumber”, listening to their music on a strange musical instrument trubobackground, as well as the group members' attractive narrative of how music could be created.

In the group's “plumber” concert, we heard unusual musical instruments and narrative about the instruments, about their history, the musical activities of boys. The main idea is not to fear the challenges, not to fear unusual ideas in life, it is important to work, work, and everything will come to an end.

While watching the concert lecture of the Ogres youth group “plumber”, children were delighted of young people who are musical on their own music instruments. The news was that they could play on sewerage pipes and beat them not with drums. I excited excitement with loud applause.

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