Malta (Rozentova) St. Exaltation of the Cross Roman Catholic Church

The church was built in 1780. There are three altar in the church, the painting “Christ at Cross and Sv.” Maria Magdalene and have remained very old and peculiar.

THE first church of Maltas (Rozentova) was a small wooden captain built in 1780 on the estate of Manor A. Falkersam. It was located in Solomenza 2 km behind Maltas, at Garkalns. There was a graveyard in the hill, and the tomb was fired and brought to Rosentov. It was very small, so it was extended in 1842, and later in 1906, the support of Feliksa Ruiko, with the support of the Polish manger Bogomoļca, the owner of Rozentova Manor, was further increased. This double prolongation can be seen in the church ceiling. For the last time, the church was repaired by Joseph Turlaya in 1985. The bench in ancient times was a very populated place. Now only a few Catholic families live there. There are no signs either from the church or from the graveyard.
There are three altar in the church, all of them from wood. The large altar is the statue of the Virgin Mary and a large cross above it. This altar contains beautiful cockpit elements. The Virgin's altar, on which the statue of the mysterious roses stands, and above the altar is the Sunday of Christ's king. The Church is also located in the altar of Jesus's heart and next to the St. Joseph statue. Above the altar is the Holy Jura painting. Church extensions can be seen in the church ceiling. In the second building, the organ and Cora's rooms are located, the third-only ceiling of wooden boards. The church is 24 m long and 9 m wide. The church has remained very old and peculiar feroni (small altar). One of them is from a tree that is represented on one side by Iu. A lawyer on the horse, and the second most powerful Trinity. Such ferone is the only Latgale. The second ferone is also old and peculiar. On one side is the Holy Jura painting, and the other is the Skopular Lady's painting. The third ferone is Chenstohov's Our Lady's painting in golden dress.
There is a wall fence around the church with iron grids. As we walk through the gates in the church garden, there is a bell tower on the left, built from bricks on stone. There are 3 calls in the call tower. This tower is an architectural monument of local significance. In the church yard since 1926 there is a wooden cross. On the east side of the church, behind the church fence, there were several ancient graveyard. There has also been 1. The grave of the German soldiers of the World War ii, with a half-built monument, which had a German leg in stone (called the cross of the iron divisions). The monument had been almost two-storey at the height of the house, and there had been built stone vaults that were meant to be the owner of the captain Zosna's estate. There are currently only basics. (Maltas parish Council 2005, ER).

Address Rozentovas iela 4, Malta, Maltas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads
Coordinates 56.341475 ; 27.183191
Phone +371 646 34377
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