July 28 - World Hepatitis Day

On July 28, the World Hepatitis Day is marked. During this time, the public is informed of viral heartbeat, focuses on the prevention of viral hepatitis, as well as control measures and health checks.

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, often referred to as “yellow irritation”, as the skin and mucous jaundice may be one of the manifestations of liver inflammation. Liver is a very important organ in the human body that participates in the digestive process, purifies blood and fights with infections. Liver inflammation may be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, toxins, individual medicines or some diseases (genetic, metabolism or autoimmune disease, obesity). However, the most common hepatitis is viruses. Virus-induced hepatitis is called viral hepatitis. One of the most common viruses is hepatitis B and C.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) data show that viral hepatitis is a global problem: more than one million deaths worldwide have been caused by hepatitis B and C infection. THE WHO also calls for the objectives set by 2030 to be achieved: reduce the number of new hepatitis B and C infections by 90 %; reduce the number of hepatitis-related deaths from cirrhosis and cancer of 65 %; ensure that at least 90 % people with hepatitis B and C virus are diagnosed; at least 80 % of those who know their diagnosis receive appropriate treatment.

In order to achieve the objectives, special attention should be paid to measures such as vaccination against hepatitis B, prevention of vertical transmission (infection from mother child), prevention, access to testing and treatment among the risk behavioural population and ensuring continuity of services.

Also, the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, on the day of this year's World Hepatitis, calls for more information on the most common viruses and remembering the main prevention measures that anyone can take to reduce the risk of infection – hygiene, vaccination, safe sexual contacts, the choice of safe and legal medical and beauty services and others.

More information about viral heaters: HERE

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