IN Stoļerovas parish, many susceptible, working people are living, economic activity is observed. With very good achievements in agriculture and high agricultural culture: 

  • LKS “grain-2 '” (cereals),
  • SIA “joint work” (mixed agricultural-crop and dairy farming)

Modern wood processing plant in parish is SIA “Baiba”
Stoļerovas parish may be proud of strong organic farmers and household holdings as well as an individual enterprise:

  • organic z/s “beans” (dairy farming, Ivars Arbidan),
  • organic z/s “flame flowers” (grain, beef production, Janis Arbidan),
  • organic z/s “Martians” (grain, Martin Arbidan),
  • z/s “Elders” (cropping, Raimonds Luca),
  • z/s “Lakhastola” (animal husbandry, Tatjana Katkovsky),
  • z/s “Madalesia” (dairy farming, Juris Garda),
  • household farm “sources” (sheep farming, dairy farming, Veneranda Senkane),
  • farm farm “black fever” (cereals, livestock farming, Evald Spruts),
  • home farm “Adriatic” (animal husbandry, Aigars Spruts),
  • individual company Suleima (trade, Alexander Petuhov)

Z/S “flame flowers”

The farm “flame flowers” was established in 2012 with a few tens of hectares of land. 1326 hectares of agricultural land are currently being processed. The farm is specialised in cereals. The company operates as a farm farm. The second branch of the Arbidan agricultural sector is livestock farming. Beef cattle are grown. Forestry is also a sector of the specialisation of the farm. 

The activities of the company are based on a meaningful, systematic, motivated and development-driven work. In order to develop entrepreneurship, a production base – modern machinery and equipment – is fully provided on the farm. This gives an incentive to the employees of the company to work responsibly and financially. With pride, they tell the story of the success and the work they have done. In order to increase the efficiency of production, a grain of grain has been built, a technical area, built-in repair shops. The development of “flames” was facilitated by participation in six EU projects.

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