Stolerovas civil parish

6162.3 ha

Pagasta kopējā platība

146.9 ha


2105.0 ha


3110.7 ha

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THE southern part OF THE parish OF Stoļerovas is a hill, mountains with hollows of larger and smaller lakes that are surrounded by marvelous natural landscapes in rich forest arrays. In the northern part of the parish, the terrain is flat, the largest part of the area occupied by agricultural land.

THERE are ten lakes in THE parish OF Stoļerovas: Vilnius, Sport, Rikaples, Ancowa, Parts Lake Lake, Stoļerovas, Poludu, Zverz, Slujevo and the Black Lake. The parish area is crossed by the Rēzekne river, where the Spruuktu HES was restored in 1996. Through Stoļerovas parish in the north-south direction, the 2 nd class country road Rēzekne – Stoļerova – Kaunata is stretched.

For interesting facts, there is a history of Stoļerovas parish. A skilled craftsman has ever lived here, the builders who are called “stools” in Russian, and the name of the parish. A local government, Rozenmuiža parish, was located at Rozenmuiža in Rozenmuiža. After the establishment of the Latvian state, from 1920, the parish was renamed Rēznas civil parish. In 1939, the parish area occupied 24 583.4 ha, with 10 930 residents living in parish. Ten schools, three watermill, agricultural association, several public organisations were active in the area.

Stoļerovas parish identity

Stoļerovas Iu. The Trinity Catholic Church was called a tree architecture.
The church was regarded as the most magnificent church of Latgale.
The church towers are crossed by a cross, whose ends are waterroses.

Therefore, the Stoļerovas logo is selected as a waterrose; and used elements from the Rēzekne municipality logo.

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