Cold water in Stalerow1,39 EUR/m3
Cold water in Rosica1,39 EUR/m3
Sewerage0,68 EUR/m3
Exportation of waste
The fee is variable because it is calculated according to THE monthly invoice of SIA “ALAAS” in proportion to the number of residents living in the house

Other paid services

Hire of premises - building house9.06 EUR/1 St.
Hire of premises - Rēznas primary school sports hall3,63 EUR/1 St.
Office services:EUR /1 lpp
A4 format lapas copy from one sideEUR 0,08
Copy A4 sheet copy from both sides EUR 0,12
Copy A3 format page from one sideEUR 0,15
Copy A3 sheet from both sides EUR 0,23

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