Economic activity

THE main business sectors OF Silmalas parish are agriculture, forestry, wood processing and trade. Most parish people are engaged in agriculture. The most developed agricultural enterprises in rural parish are SIA Crucks and SIA Daugavvieši. The largest timber processing companies are: SIA Mnogolat, z/s Morning, z/s Hopefully and SIA Edges. Major trading companies are SIA Avotins R, SIA “orhideja & AIVA”, SIA “Nelvi”, SIA “TaGeor”, SIA “Reniks-S”.

  • RUJIN DOCTORATE - doctor's practice
  • ZS Breavers - Growing of seeds of cereals, pulses and oilseeds, cattle breeding
  • ZS Gardens - liner
  • Evija - beer production and trade
  • K-media - action in film, video and photo film industry, training
  • EVERY Maltas kebabs - mobile catering services 
  • Nadejda - fabric handling and sewing
  • ZS Rumani - milk production

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