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4350 ha


12388 ha

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Silmalas parish is located in the west of Latgale, the northern part of Rezekne, 25 km from the centre of the municipality of Rezekne, 40 km from Preiļi and 250 km from Riga. The parish area borders Viļānu of Sokolku, Rēzekne District Sakstagala, Ozolmuižas, Ozolaines, Lūznavas, Maltas, Feimaņu parish and Riebinu novada. Parish crosses national road Viļāni - Malta. The nearest railway line is St. Petersburg - Warsaw with railway station Maltā.

THE parish OF Silmalas is significant with a large number of settlements. There are 77 villages in the parish. The largest villages are Vecružina (365 residents), Kruki (311 people), Gornica (239 people), Stikani (282 people), Tiskade (138 people), Pustinka (118 people), Prezma (86 people). The ancient villages are Vecružina and Prezma, the others formed during the Soviet era, developing colhoses.

THE Municipality OF Silmalas was formed by the merger OF Silmalas and the Chulku village in 1975, and in 1987 by Kruku and Ruijing village Council. In 1990, Silmalas village was granted parish status to the Council. A natural beauty parish landscape is given by lakes and rivers. The largest watercourse is the RIVER Maltas (115 km long, including Silmalas in rural territory 36,3 km). Maltai is 7 tributaries: lic, Līchupe, Salone, Ciskadka, Prezma, Mogupe and Veridan, which are 10 –15 km long. There are 9 lakes in the parish. The largest lake in the parish area is the Tiskodu lake (area 179 ha, the average depth of 3 m, the largest depth of 7 m. The smaller lakes are Ludinka, Thomas, Jerzovka, Prezmas, Kaulinku, Gluhoje, los, Veduscheje, Baļucka and Slepoje, with an area of 3 –12 ha.

Four healthcare institutions are located in the parish area: Rwanda doctorate (family doctor S.Sorokina), Silmalas feldshers and midwives (Gornica), feldshers and midwives in Kruķos and Stikans.

Since November 2004, due to participation in the project financed by the Society Integration Fund, an informative edition is issued once a month Silmalas lifewho is popular among the population, as it provides information on the activities of his parish in agriculture, education, health, culture, social affairs, articles on parish people, their lives.

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