Economic activity

Lendžu parish Kozuberguz is one of the most known organic beekeeping holdings in Latvia, ZS “lapegles”, where Sandra and Vitalijs Sprudzs are landed. Beekeeping is also handled BY THE ZS “Bay” (Janina Litavniece).

The parish of the largest farm is:

  • SIA “hill Mālini Agro” (Dainis Butlers, cereals),
  • ZS “Liepukalns” (Jaseps Bernans, dairy farming),
  • ZS “cherries” (Dimitrijs Pavlovs, fruit-growing, vegetables),
  • ZS “Flaveri” (Alexander Kudrjavcev, poultry),
  • ZS “golden”, (Aivars Bernans, cereals),
  • ZS “pine” (Ainars Schulbergs, cereals),
  • ZS “Jubites” (Aigars Schulbergs, cereals),
  • PS “silks” (Janis Adijans, dairy farming),
  • PS “stream” (Dainis Grudriks, grain),
  • nursery nursery, owned by Ingrida Razgale.


The meat smoker EVERY “LoBumeņš” Lendžu parish was launched in 2019, although the meat has been smoked for some seven years for its own purposes.

“It was all because he liked the smokes himself, but he didn't like it with vinegar and something.” So we wanted to produce our own, without any miracles inside, “the owner of the story Yis Silabriedis.” “The beginning was interesting and experiment rich.” While we hit the spices and found the real flavour, both the neighbors and cats had eaten, "the master laughs.

For the first years, the meat was bought on the market but is currently working with “Rēzekne meat combate”. “Lobbying” is open to customers on the spot every smoked time – in advance, they can be driven by fresh smoked meat.

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Coffee roaster CUBE

The first “Speciality” coffee roaster in Latgale, which opened its doors in February 2019. THE CUBE roasted high quality “Speciality” coffee beans, or specifically selected coffee, which is an unprecedented and new iconic product in Latgale. Coffee roasting IS roasting coffee beans coming from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia and being grown in small coffee farms and farm cooperatives. 


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