Kaunatas Association of Associations calls for electricians


Parish news

The municipality OF Rēzekne Municipality Kaunatas is invited to work on a full-time electrician for an indefinite period

Requirements for candidates:

  • secondary or secondary vocational training;
  • “B” group certificate in electrical safety;
  • national language use skills at average (B1, B2);
  • Category B driver certificate;
  • preference of previous experience in a similar capacity;
  • a high sense of responsibility and precision;
  • knowledge of technical documentation;
  • the ability to carry out works for the installation, operation, monitoring, maintenance, regulation and repair of electrical installations.

A tender by-law can be found on the website of the municipality of Rezekne www.rezeknesnovads.lv and ON THE NVA website.

Remuneration of basic work at the time of verification 630,00 EUR (before tax).
Remuneration of basic work after probationary period 660,00 EUR (before tax).

Applicants up to 2023. gada 20. jūnija plkst. 16.30. submit an application with an indication “Kaunatas for an electric vacancy of an association of association” to e-mail kaunatasapvieniba@rezeknesnovads.lv, by post or to submit personally Kaunatas in the management of the association: Raznas street 38, Kaunata, Kaunatas civil parish, Rēzekne municipality, to which the following documents are attached:

  • description of the professional activity (CV);
  • the application form;
  • copies of documents certifying education and work experience;
  • feedback from previous jobs or previous jobs (if any).

Contact person for the receipt of more detailed information - Deputy Head of the Rēzekne District Municipality Kaunatas Association for Agriculture Affairs Sergei Bashmakov, tel. 29224840; e-mail: kaunatasapvieniba@rezeknesnovads.lv.

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