Address: “Križevniki 2”, Križeviks, Ozolaine parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4633

Name, registration number


Legal address

“Križevniki 2”, Križeviks, Ozolaine parish, Rezekne municipality, LV-4633

Home page address of the capital company

Amount of equity capital:

1998692 EUR

General strategic objectives, information regarding the activities of the capital company and commercial activities

The activities of the company involve the collection, transport, transhipment and sorting of municipal waste to natural and legal persons.
Medium-term operational development strategy 2021-2023

Results of the implementation of the financial objectives and non-financial objectives of the capital company
Current municipal waste management fee

On changes in the tariffs of municipal waste disposal service at the landfill site “Križeviks”

Municipal waste management fee from 1.05.2023

Contributions paid to the local government budget

Contributions paid BY SIA ALAAS to the State budget 

Contributions paid BY SIA ALAAS to the State and local government budget in 2020

Year 2023

Information regarding the financing of the local government budget received and the utilisation thereof
Reports drawn up by a capital company (unverified)
Annual accounts audited by the sworn auditor


Information on the structure of the property

More information

Organisational structure information

A representative of the shareholder of the capital company in the capital company – the executive director of the municipality of Rezekne Janis Troška.
Organisational structure information

Information on the amount and recipients of each donation (donation) received and carried out
Procurement information
Other relevant information


Delegation agreements

The contract

Member of the Board

More information

Information regarding meetings of shareholders of capital company, agenda and decisions

More information

Principles of remuneration policy and information on the remuneration of a member of the board of directors

More information
Remuneration of a member of the Management Board

Strategy for donation (donation) of capital company and procedures for donation (gifts)

The capital company does not make donations or gifts.

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