The Rēzekne State and Rezekne municipality's sustainable development strategy until 2035 and the development programme for 2023-2029 has been transferred to public consultation


Planning documents

The municipal council of Rezekne and the Rēzekne municipality council have given a public consultation to the Rēzekne countryside and the Rēzekne municipality's sustainable development strategies until 2035 and the projects of the development programme 2023-2029.

The Rēzekne countryside and the Rēzekne municipality, by 2035, are a long-term spatial development planning document that defines the future vision of both municipalities, the local government's long-term development objectives, priorities and spatial development perspective.

The Rēzekne State and Rezekne District Development Programme 2023-2029 is a medium-term spatial development planning document setting out medium-term priorities and a set of measures for the implementation of the long-term strategic settings set out in the development strategy of both municipalities.

Deadline for public consultation from 10 March to 6 April 2023.

The public consultation meetings will be organised:

22.03. at 16.00. General meeting  online in Zoom

27.03. at 12.00. Viļānu in a cultural house, cultural area 2, Viļānos, Rezekne municipality (on-site).

27.03. at 15.00. In the municipality of Rezekne, in the local government of Rezekne, in the alley of Liberation 93, in the large hall of the council 2 nd floor (on the spot).

28.03. at 11.00. Nautrēnu parish sports hall – cultural house, in rogovka, Nautrēnu parish, Rēzekne municipality (on-site).

28.03. at 15.00 Maltas in the administration hall of the association, on Freedom Street 6, Maltā, Rēzekne District (face-to-face).

29.03. at 12.00. Kaunatas parish in the People's HouseRaznas Street 14, Kaunatā, Kaunatas parish, Rēzekne municipality (face-to-face).

29.03. at 15.00. Dricānu in parish culture, in dricans, Dricānu parish, Rēzekne municipality (face-to-face).

During public consultation, all stakeholders can acquaint themselves with development planning documents:

  • In the spatial development planning information system:
  • Rēzekne State Municipal Service Centre, Liberation Alliance 93, Rezekne, working days from plkst. 8.00 to 12.00 16.30
  • The municipality of Rezekne is located in the 17 th office of the central administration building of Rezekne, in the Alleys of Liberation 95a, Rezekne, in working days from plkst. 8.00 to 12.00 16.30.

Written proposals and feedback on development planning documents may be submitted by 6 April 2023, to fill in form.

By sending the mail to the municipality of Rēzekne for release alley 93, Rēzekne, LV 4601, Rēzekne District Municipality Liberation alley 95a, Rezekne, LV 4601 or electronically sending to e-mail address: or

Through the spatial development planning information system:

Get advice on planned planning documents, both on-site and remotely (in pre-matching time and format of appointments) by e-mail to: (tel. 64607636), (phone) 64607205) or (phone) 64607205).

Following the suggestions of the population, the development documents of the Land of Rezekne and the Rezekne municipality will be supplemented.

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