Implementation of deinstitutionalisation measures in Latgale region

Publicēts: 25.03.2021

Atjaunots: 27.11.2023

Projekta apraksts

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Project name:

Implementation of deinstitutionalisation measures in Latgale region



Project number:


Main project activities:

The project is implemented in the context of the specific support objective “to increase the availability of quality institutional care in the residence of alternative social services and the availability of services for the family environment to persons with disabilities and children” with a total amount 8 596 069,00  EUR, of which 7 398 389.50 EUR (86%)  ir ESF līdzfinansējums.

462 persons with mental disorders, 505 children with functional disorders and 317 children in extra-family care will be assessed to find out which social services they need.

387 people with mental disabilities will become available at home and day centres, specialised workshops, group apartments, temporary social care and other forms of support.

3533 children with functional disorders will receive social care and social rehabilitation.

The number of children in institutions will decrease during the project – they will find home to foster families, guardians or adoptive parents.

Information will be provided to the public on people with mental and functional disorders, as well as on children who grow up outside families.

Project implementation time:

Project implementation time until 31 December 2023.

The project shall be implemented:

Latgale Planning Region in cooperation with regional governments and VSAC “Latgale”

Contact person:

Senior social worker for children and families: Zita Bautre, tel.: 64607184, 26531497, e-mail: zita.bautre@rezeknesnovads.lvas well as in Latgale planning region by telephone 654 40862.



Children of Latgale region receive community-based social services with functional disorders

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