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Dricānu parish educational institutions

The private self-owner is restored in white paths Countryside Manor - the school where you have been kept baron Manteiferous archive of family documents.

This is a cultural house that hosts self-acting collectors, who have been led by a significant conductor and composer who has gone through eternity. Antons Matveyan, now she goes on with the new ones. The parish council and a total of two-storey houses, kindergartens, two feldsher points, Dricans and Pilcene.

Dricānu Culture House

"Aprīļa pilieni 2017" THE activity OF THE Dricānu cultural house focuses on the preservation of traditional cultural values. Is working on the identification, preservation and documentation of cultural heritage. The events organised by the cultural house serve as a brand awareness brand, the mass media are informed about the ongoing developments.

Dricānu cultural house organises, coordinates and ensures collective activities of the People's and amateur arts; engages in local, regional, national and cultural events; takes care of collective artistic growth. Organizes public holidays, cultural and historical festival events. Organizes concerts, performances and exhibitions; contributes to the preservation, prevalence and accessibility of cultural values for the population. Organise recreational and recreational activities for the population of all ages. Supports the professional continuing education and creative growth of leaders and specialists of the People's and amateur arts.

Address: Dricani, Dricāni parish, LV-4615
Manager: Sarmīte Stepina
Telephone: 26665868

Dricānu Cultural House Chapel

Dricānu pagasta kultūras nama kapelaTālrunis: 29469164


Foundation year: 2018.

Manager: Andris Erins

Folklore “Bolta Queen” of the Pricana Cultural House

imagewTālrunis: 29444634


Foundation year: 2000.

Manager: Erik Chudars

Dricānu-Strūžānu women's choir “Taunadze”

imagewTālrunis: 29444634


Year of dibināšanas: 2005

Conductor: Ēriks Čudars

Vocal ensemble "Almus" of Dricani Culture House

imagewTālrunis: 28602644

Foundation year: 1988

Manager: Janis Velicko

Dricānu youth dance collective “Jumalēni”

imagewTālrunis: 26659793


Year of dibināšanas: 2004

Manager: Silvija Bokta

The middle generation dance collective "Jumalo" of the Dricani House of Culture

imagewTālrunis: 26659793


Year of dibināšanas: 2003

Manager: Silvija Bokta

Dricānu cultural house dramatic collective “Siebrineicys”

Foundation year: 2006.
Manager: Genoveff Jonathan

Dricana civil parish library

Dricānu parish library activity: to actively participate in the process of building the information society, to develop a library on the centre of education, information and cultural interaction. Ensure the collection, use and storage of library items.

Address: “Dricānu kindergarten”, Dricāni, Dricānu civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4615
Manager: Ineta Velicko
Mob. phone: 26623970

Time of reception of visitors:

Monday: 7:30-15:00
Tuesday: 7:30-15:00
Wednesday: 8:30-17:00
Thursday 11:00-19:30

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: closed
Lunch break: 12.00-12.30

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