Cold waterEUR 0,83 per m3
SewerageEUR 0,93 per m3
Exportation of waste1,60 EUR from human
Heating (d.d.o.b. “sources 1”)EUR 53,52 per MWh
Heating (d.d.o.b. “new house 1”)44,51 EUR/MWh

Other paid services

Hire of the big hall of the cultural house11,92 EUR per 1 hour (excluding VAT)
Hire of the small hall of the cultural houseEUR 4,88 per 1 hour (excluding VAT)
Dricānu secondary school sports hall11,00 EUR per 1 hour (excluding VAT)
On the residence OF Dricānu secondary school internees within the framework of the activities organised by the local government9.03 EUR per 1 hour (excluding VAT)
Car rental car rental7,00 EUR per 1 hour
Hire of tractor MTZ-8212,05 EUR per 1 hour
Shower use1,75 EUR 1 per person (30 min)
Washing, drying, ironing1,65 EUR per 1 kg laundry
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