Viewing objects and historical persons

As the asphalted road approached Shergans from Rezekne, a beautiful landscape was opened to a small lake that had been looted by the sleeping family for many summer weeks. A beach was built for parish residents and visitors.

The cooked peat fields in the summer period live swans, ducks, cats and worms, swamps, predatory birds, leaf clubs and beasts, as well as wild beasts. Here are good hunting places. Irrigated fields are a favourable environment for different species of fish.

 In recent years, the lake beach for the rest of the population has been significantly improved – a bench, an arranged volleyball area, a fox, a fire site, a swamp grassland next to a lake converted into a beautiful pond, a pedestrian track, a swelling, a new crucifix installed. As part of the environmental project, the village is greened by planting ornamental bushes, trees and flowers.

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