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Stružānu parish cultural house

Stružānu pagasta kultūras nama jauniešu deju kolektīvs "Dzieti"The parish is a cultural house with 496 viewers where various traditional and national festive events are held at both local and regional level. In the wings of the Cultural House, Sherjan – Dricānu women's choir “Townadze”, the women's vocabulary “Sidrabrasa”, the Russian song anchor “Raduga”, the youth dance collective “Dzieti”, the amateur theatre “Scarzloti”, the duet “paprika”, a Senior Club. In 2020, the Centre for Social Skills and Skills was launched in the premises of the cultural house. A sports complex is also active in the cultural house, which includes a table game room and a trainer hall. Ten computers are available in the computer room for both training and billing and games as well as copying and printing services. Within the framework of various projects there is a richly populated cultural building material base – the countryside dance collector, the concert suits, the lighting apparatus, tables, chairs, the expanded range of trainers, the equipment of the social skills centre. 

The parish operates the New Virgin primary school, library, pre-school educational institution “bell”. Their services are provided by laundry and village showers.

Address: Miera Street 14, Stružānu parish, LV-4643
Head of the Cultural House: Leokādija Razgale,
The phone: 64667042, 29122068

Russian song ensemble "Raduga" of Stružani Culture House

Tālrunis: 22323851


Year of dibināšanas: 2005

Manager: Tamara Smirnova

The women's vocal ensemble of the Stružani Culture House "Sidrabrasa"

Tālrunis: 27591849


Year of dibināšanas: 2016

Manager: Lāsma Inkina

Dricānu-Strūžānu women's choir “Taunadze”

imagewTālrunis: 29444634


Year of dibināšanas: 2005

Conductor: Ēriks Čudars

Stružani Culture House youth dance group "Dzieti"

DEJU SVTālrunis: 29481618


Year of dibināšanas: 2016

Manager: Wanda Kebe

Amateur theatre of the Cultural Heritage House “Scarzloti”

TeātrisTālrunis: 29174868


Year of dibināšanas: 2011.
Manager: Sarmitte Stepina

Dricānu secondary school unit Jaunjjan elementary school

Jaunstrūžānu pamatskola - Rēzeknes NovadsIn the present-day Sherjan parish area, the first known school – estu primary school – started its activities in October 1920. The first teacher and school override were Anna Yukmane. In 1926, the school is transferred to the Taunaga Manor building.

Long years of the Taunaga primary school Anton Kilup and his wife worked as a teacher Anne buttock (ex-Anna Jukmane). From 1953 to 1962, Taunaga's primary school is headed by Alexander Vabal. With the creation of the Sherjan peat factory and the creation of the Sherjan village, the school from Taunaga is moved to temporary premises in Shergans. The training took place in Latvian and Russian.

In 1960, construction of a new school building began. Director of the Tunaga primary school Alexander Vabal under management. On 1 September 1962, the new school building was opened. The name of the school changed. It was called Jaunjjans' eighteen-year-old school. On directors from 1962-1968 Nadejda Demidovabut from 1968 to 2006, the school was headed by Rihards Ribkinswho had been studying at Taunaga's primary school. School Director Skaidrite Strode.

Sherjan pre-school education institution “bell”

Rēzekne municipality in Sherjan parish is Sherjan pre-school educational institution “bell”

PII “bell” operates 3 different age groups:

  1. the group “grows” (1,5-2 years);
  2. the group “butterflies” (3-4 years);
  3. the group “sun” (5-6 years).

Institution Phone 28080605


Strujanu civil parish library 

Par Strūžānu pagasta bibliotēku

Stružānu parish library is a Stružānu parish administration cultural, educational and information institution, the main task of which is to provide library users with operational and quality librarian services, ensuring the availability of library collections, databases and information systems.

The library is available to users 40 hours a week. Library working time is on weekdays from 10.00 to 18.00 

Library offering:

  • The availability and presentation of books and press publications on home;
  • Ordering books from other municipality libraries IN THE SBA round;
  • Use of e-copy catalog;
  • Free access to databases: Lursoft newspaper library (, Letonika (;
  • Copying, Printing;
  • The use of computer equipment;
  • Free Internet services (including wireless);
  • Individual consultations, inquiries;
  •  Drain research folders;
  • Thematic and emerging exhibitions;
  • Thematic measures;
  •  Children's corner for smaller visitors.

The library contains 81 % books and 19% serial expenses. The Inventory of the library is an important site for fiction that produces 64% stock, providing both educational and entertainment functions.

A very important and necessary population is the reference literature: encyclopedia, public science, agriculture, medicine, art and linguistics, history and c., which make UP 22%.

Children of pre-school children, younger classes and young people make UP 14%, which promotes children's reading skills and provides additional knowledge in the learning process.

The library participates annually in the reading promotion programme “Child, youth and parental jury”.

Address: Peace Street 14A, Sherjans, Stružānu civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4643

Manager: Anna Esta
Phone: 27880618

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