Stružānu parish in Sherjans

  • Rezekne District Social Care Centre
  • Limited liability company “SILENT WARMTH”
  • JSC “Struzana peat factory” (Viļānu civil parish) workshop
  • SIA “Energy expert” (Riga) production building - manufacture of wood products; manufacture of cork, straw and plaited products
  • Syrian pharmacy (SIA nairas)
  • Sherjan Post Office (VAS Latvijas Mail)
  • Shop-cafe (SIA depths)
  • Store (SIA SlavAnn)
  • Store and warehouse 'RAINBOW' - retail (mainly food) store


Hunter and fishermen 'association “falcon”

  • bringing together hunters for collective and individual hunting
  • organizing hunting
  • ensure rational use of hunting and fish stock
  • developing the hunting farm in accordance with the principles of conservation and sustainable exploitation of wildlife and their living environment
  • promotes fishing as an active and healthy form of rest

Association of interests “JEast”

  • working with children, young people, families, society
  • promotion of education
  • promotion of an active lifestyle
  • development of civil society
  • raising the wealth of society


  • Mobilising European Union funds, national, municipal and private funding for the implementation of youth initiatives
  • offering activities suitable for young people, organising events
  • the promotion of formal and informal learning of young people and adults, promotion of non-formal learning
  • promotion of active and healthy lifestyles, the development of civil society and the organisation of various activities contributing to it
  • organisation and management of children and youth camps, promotion of youth cooperation

Public organization Stružānu women's club “harmony-S” - Charity, harmonious family care and promotion, organisation and support of public events, raising women's self-confidence

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