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In the 19 th century, the village of niperova was the Orthodox Church, nowadays there is no church in the parish area. The ievērojamais Catholic clerk, publicist, pedagogue and economic worker were active in the early s. Angry Ranan, headed by the Greychen Agricultural School and the Latgale Agriculture Society, whose main objective was to promote the development of agricultural culture. In 1876, the magazine of makašānu (now Griškans) was born at Latgale awakening employee, the First Latgalian newspaper.Light '  publisher, journalist and poet Francis Kemps.

Gaisma (laikraksts) — Vikipēdija

From 1811 until 1939 he lived in the Polish-born Roman family. The creative activity of Antonia Kazimir Romera (1889-1973), wife of Anna Soltan-R ӧ Mer, 1895-1974, who was known as an artist both in Latvia and across Europe, was particularly important. There was an ancient and extensive collection of ceramics in the estate. The Cathedral of the Catholic Cathedral of the Catholic Catholic Catholic of Rezekne was built from the burnt bricks of Romera, and each of them had a “firm mark” - initials KR (Kazimir Romers). From the ancient Romera manor, the Park Park has been preserved, which is now cleaned and well-equipped.  

Mākslinieču Sofijas Romeres un Annas Romeres satikšanās muzejā - Rēzekne -  pilsēta Latgales sirdī

Griškana parish can be proud of famous Latgale ceramics  Juri Crompon, Anatolia Vituskin, Viktor and Andri UshpealIn 1975, his ceramic workshop, continuing in the fourth generation of the family tradition, was built by Peter Ushmis (1950-2003), but he was soon joined by his younger brother Victor. Masters' performance as well as People's applied art studios "Rēzekne county puzzles'  driving, saving and developing traditions is assessed by a three-star order. Now this is his son. Andris Ushmis. Ceramic workshops and biscuits are open to visitors to let anyone know the miracle of clay dishes.

Rēzeknes novada tautas lietišķās mākslas studija "Rēzeknes apriņķa pūdnīki"


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