an educatee, a scientist, a creative, cheerful child who lives healthy, safe and active, works independently in the world, grows at the patriot of his country.

Griškānu parish educational institutions

Griškānu pagasta bibliotēka - Biblioteka.lvGriškānu in parish territory is pre-school education institution “Sprudzs”, Eastern Latgale vocational secondary school, renamed Rezekne Technical School in 2014.  The spruce is located Griškānu library, Griškānu cultural house, where the vocabulary “Vōrpea” is active, the gypsy songs “Charger”, the children's pop group, the amateur theatre “Aizspogulia”, the youth centre “JOLO”.

Griškanas civil parish library

Address: Central Street 27, Sprudzev, Griškana civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4641

Manager: vija Proveja
Phone: 64640507
Mob. Tel: 26487354

“Rēzekne District puzzles” (1989)

imagewAddress: Pocelujevka, Griškānu civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4641

Manager: Andris Ushpelis

Women's vocal ensemble "Võrpeņa" of Griškāni Parish House of Culture

Foundation year : 2016
Manager: Jelena Mačukāne

Gypsy song ensemble "Čarger" of Griškani Parish House of Culture

Foundation year: 2014
Manager: Natalja Medne

Griškānu parish cultural house dramatic circle “Aizspogulija”

Foundation year: 2009.
Manager: Inga Oltina

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