Educational and cultural institutions

Audriņu pagasta izglītības iestādes

Audrinu civil parish library

Audrinu civil parish library founded in 1958, as Pudercu village Council Puder Library. From 1997, the library is located AT a Audriņu ambulance building in Krasuha Street 3, a subscription, children's division and computer space, accessible international library subscription services, various exhibitions are held.

Audriņu parish library is a Audriņu parish cultural institution that performs information, educational and entertaining functions, creating its own stock and an appropriate environment, ensuring free access to information and leisure time.


Audriņu parish library open to users 

Monday - 11.00-18.00

Tuesday - 8.30-16.00

Wednesday -12.00-19.00

Thursday - 8.30-16.00

Friday - 11.00-18.00

Lunch break – 12.00-13.00

Saturday, Sunday - holidays

On the 20 th day of each month, the day of glory.

Address: Krasuja street 3, Audriņi, Audriņu civil parish, Rezekne municipality, LV – 4611

Manager: Oxana Brokane
Phone: 64640353 (ambulance)
Mob. Tel: 26576386

Audrinu civil parish culture house


Address: Memorial street 9a, Audriņu parish, LV-4611
Manager: Tamara Smirnova
Telephone: 64640318, LMT 25412872, TELE2 22323551

Audriņu parish cultural house is located AT THE centre OF THE village OF Audriņu. It was built in 1962. The total area of the structure is 1085.9 sq. The cultural house consists of 28 rooms.

AT Audriņu, the cultural house operates:

  • women's Russian song ensemble “Ivolga” (leader Ieva Kniger)
  • line dance group “orchids” (lead Wanda Kebe)
  • amateur theatre “Potesniki” (lead Tamara Smirnov)
  • children's vocal group “podzs” (lead Ieva Kniger)


Women's vocal ensemble "Ivolga" of the Audriņi House of Culture

ZiemassvētkosTālrunis: 64640318


Foundation year: 2009.
Manager: Ieva Kniger

Audriņu cultural house dramatic collective “Potesoziki”

Dramatiskais kolektīvsTālrunis: 25412872


Year of dibināšanas: 1995.
Manager: Tamara Smirnova

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