Type of serviceThe unit of measurePrice excluding VAT (in euro)VAT (euro)Price with VAT (in euro)Comment
Water supplyEUR/m32,160,251,42
First visiteuro/Top3,30,663,99
Cultural house entrance ticketseuro/Top1,650,352,00
Rent of the premises of the cultural house (pasāk.)euro/h6,311,337,64
Use of tractor MTZ 82euro/h19,504,1023,60
Use of tractor Belarus 1025.4:
- with trailereuro/h20,94,3925,29
- with a shoveleuro/h25,245,330,54
- with mowereuro/h24,95,2330,13
Assencing serviceOne-time9,582,0111,59EUR/0 .5 St.
Use of tractor Belarus 1025.4 with barrelEUR/km0,620,130,75For transporting the assenisation barrel
Decentralised sewerage system for sewage acceptancem ³0,660,140,80EUR/m ³
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