The parish registered agricultural holdings principally engaged in grain farming but also holdings engaged in the production of potatoes, dairy farming, livestock farming and sheep farming.


  • SIA LUTKUN (sawmills)
  • SIA metal workshop (metalworking)
  • EVERY LAKI (angling accessories)
  • SIA metalo (metalworking, parts production)
  • ZS Beer (store)
  • SIA BIG (store)
  • SIA Lesko - N (pharmacy)
  • SIA Latvian National Oil Company (DINAZ DUS)
  • SIA Latgale pilot (flight training)
  • Mini Zoo Rozīte (zoo)
  • SIA Latgale gardage (food production)
  • SIA Slavne (food store)
  • SIA TOP concs (sweets)
  • SIA ITExcellence (programming)

Mini Zoo “Rozīte”

The private collection of exotic birds and dwarfs. An opportunity to look at the builder's built windmills and also call from copper and silver alloy-made calls - to be money! Picnic place, children's game area. The visit must be made in advance.

Mini Zoo “Rozīte” is a private collection of exotic birds and dwarf animals with 200 animals. Similarly, the surveyors built the windmills, dial the copper and silver bells, and rest in place of the well-equipped picnic.

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