Viewing objects and historical persons

THE parish area OF Vērēmu is wooded, with small array of forests and five lakes: Adamov Lake (186,5 ha), Ivgolov Lake (5,0 ha), Lake Schwareva (6,8 ha), Vizulis lakes (11,6 ha), Nirites (2,4 ha). The most significant historical sites and natural objects are the Nature Park “Aamovas lake”, a 35 metres high Gribuļu castle, which is to be used with m. e. 1-year-old (a colourless dish of dishes found here), Well-boiled and Puzzle stones. The site of the famous Vērēmu parish is Loborja (Lobvuorja) manor building and 7.9 ha wide estate park with more than 15 exotic plant species. The first owner of the estate was Count Friedrich Zigismund Corf (1730-1797). 20 th century. In the 20 th to 30 s, the Manor owns Russian intelligence, the Manor Jemčujnikov-Vošchinin. At this time it is an important place of local intelligence gathering, the manor often visits and works by writer Ivan Schmeww, painters, academics Wilhelms Purvītis, Nikolai Bogdanov, Belgium, Sergei Vinogradov, Professor Vasilijs Sinaiskis. After World War II, the building has been destroyed, only the house built in the centre of the eclectic style.

Vērēmu parish has been active in the territory of parish: writer, publisher, librarian Stepons Seyle (1909-1979), poet Seyman Puthane (1892-1969), writer and artist Janis Gorswana (1930-2000), currently working ceramic Victor Pankov (deletion) 1958). Lucia Rananes McKashan is a known artist, Latgale crucifix masters Anton Ranana (deletion) 1938) and his daughters, paintings Gundeg Rananes workshops.

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