Veremu civil parish

7029.8 ha

Pagasta kopējā platība

250.7 ha


2384 ha


3396.5 ha

l/s izmantojamā zeme


Iedzīvotāju skaits (uz 01.01.2022)

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The parish formed in November 1945, dividing Razna, McKashan and Bērzgales parish territories and establishing a new territorial unit. In 1935, part of the present parish of Verham was part of McKashan parish. At that time there was an active economic life in Gravesun, the mill (owner St. Klišāns), a lime baker under THE direction OF owner J. Pulenchik, A. Litaunica and A. Gorsvane's food and other goods wholesalers, Stuchevo was a sawmill (īp.). MR Liepers, who was traded by Jankel Cilevics, was traded by MR Goldberg and MR Goldberg in Anchupans. The cough was held by the brick storehouse-shop owner V. Sergeyeva.

There are ten cemeteries in the administrative territory of the parish: Vērēmu, Vecborisovas, Obricku, Taudyana, Anchupan, Shelenev, Zeltins, Plikpuzu graves, Laborary brothers' grave, and the Aamowa brothers' grave. A candle evening is held every year in the autumn, and the summers are in the summer.

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Vērēmu parish identity Aka

symbolically, it is a sign of life because without water there is no life. It is like a mother's womb, reflected in water-life.

Aka is the wisdom of the People's genetic memory and the wisdom of previous generations. He explains and makes his mind clear and calm, serves as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Aka - the eye of the earth, which gives the eyes of the spirit to see the past times and the plans of the future.

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