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Rikavas manor complex

Rikavas manor building complex, kung house (National History Monument), manager's House (historical monument of local significance).

Rikavas Manor - Manor Castle from red, Rikavas bricks built in 1870 s neogotic style owner Rikam. The storm that Baroness Rick's full moon rises from the chapel and goes to his bedroom on the stairs. 20 th century. In the 20 s, a Rikavas elementary school was built in the manor palace, which also operates today. Carved wooden staircases and original interior trim fragments in indoor spaces.

Rikavas Church of the Catholic Catholic Church of God

Rikavas (Baltiņu) Dievišķās Providences Romas katoļu baznīca - Rēzeknes  Novads

Rikavas Church of the Catholic Catholic Church of God located in the district OF Rēzekne Rikavas parish in Rikava. One of the most prominent crises of classical classicism in Latgale. Architectural monument of national significance.

The first church in Rikava was built in the second half of the 18 th century, a wooden building built by Viļānu and Rikavas Manor Miickel Rica. The church was nursed BY Viļānu church monks and was located ON the road Viļāni - at the edge of Bikava, between Rezekne and Liuge rivers. The current church was built in 1829 by Mr Antonia Rica, who was devoted to the honour of the divine Providence.

The church is built in Dorian Style, a walled and lime-painted wall building with a zinc tin roof. Above the front front, there is a small tower in which one call is located. The church is a single-navy building with cement tiles floor and wooden ceilings, which are slightly curved and covered. There are ancient organs in Cora's premises. There are three altar in the church. “Assumpta in coelis” is located in the main or central centre. The left side of the altar contains a large altar of Jesus's heart, and a painting of the Holy Anton. On the right side, the St. Anton altar shows a stone plate with an inscription under which Antonia Rick's grave was built.

Puzzkova castle

Zudusī Latvija - Pļuskovas pilskalnsThe Full Scale can be viewed in the direction of the village Paluscova Full Scale (National History Monument). The name is, of_course, not too ancient, when the Old Believers from Pskov County settled here during the reign of Peter I and the Greuskowski. The castle is about 15 m high above the surrounding area and has a long stretched valve. On both ends, the castle shows the funeral, the ditches behind them. There was a swamp on the side of the wall. A number of words are known about this castle. Also located near  Prayer of the Old Believers of the Palazzo, kthe urg was burned in 2012, but the congregation with their own forces and donations in 2013 was renewed.

Pineapple crushing

There is a crucifix that filmed one of the most emotional frames in St. Streich's film. Cylller Barn “a look at the cross.” The crucifix is covered with massive masonry columns, with a small wooden seat. On a massive oak cross, the shape of the Pester was attached to the tree around 1854. The cross has changed over the years, the figure remained in the past. This crucifix once appeared in the house of the writer John Katherine's grandfather Donate Khalifa.


Several significant personalities have risen from Rikavas: Janis Vishnevskis (1861 –1914), Catholic clerk, with Francis Tradog involved in the collection and distribution of the Catholic Calendar, collected the Latvian folk songs (total of around 3000); Agnes Garijone (1897 –1979), teacher, social worker and literature.

Rikava worked and lived: Jaseps Liepins (1906 –1979) - Rikava arrives in 1950, worked as a school director, and from 1950 –1952, the teacher J.Liepins creates a variety of pupils, runs a pupil's choir, engages in the activities of ethnographic ensemble Rikava. Večeslavs Žeimundum (1927 –1994), with his care, is built ON the building of Rikavas, a central heating and water pipeline, an improved school sports area. Teicane (1913 –1990), head of ethnographic ensemble Rikava from 1957 to 1985 Janina Mitchule (b. 1927), from 1955 in Etnographic ensemble Rikava, from 1985-2009 he was the leader of the ensemble. Active in Rikavas Catholic Friends. Livija Liepdruviete, poet, issued four poems Momentary mosaicLet your heart! flower, here under the sun, everything is happening in heaven. Working AT Rikavas in primary school for the Latvian language and literature teacher.

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